Thursday, July 23, 2009

Polaralum eligible for 30% energy tax credit

Via email Heat Barrier Systems informs me that the material costs for the polaralum heat barrier are eligible for the 30% energy tax credit. This is probably not a lot of $$$, but still worth claiming.


Jennifer said...

we're in rattan creek also, considering polaralum. did you install it and have you noticed a difference?

rattanman said...

Yes - we installed Polaralum, added a ridge vent, and used light colored shingles. It's tough to get an apples to apples comparison but all these things together seemed to reduce my cooling costs about 20% - about $150 per year. (I compared degree days from one month to another and backed out the part of my electric build that is constant). I am not sure how much of this is becuase of the venting, roof color, or Polaralum though.