Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Energy Savings with Polaralum

Just had my first electric bill since the Polaralum heat barrier was installed. I also had a ridge vent installed and I used slightly lighter colored shingles. Electric consumption went down from 1772 KWH in July to 1472 KWH in August (17% less power). It's true there were fewer cooling degree days in the August period (743 vs 774), but even correcting for that power consumption was a lot lower. It's more impressive when one considers the new roof was on for 6 days in the July billing period - without the Polaralum the July electric bill would have been even higher. The heat barrier helps extend the life of my AC units as well - they don't run as much now.


Tommy Evans said...

Any further thoughts on Polaralum? I'm looking into it, but there seems to be alot of people against it; though most of them sound like they've never looked into it. Thanks!

rattanman said...

I have heard that these kinds of barriers produce better savings on more older/more poorly insulated houses. It's pretty hard to figure out if these kinds of products are worth it - it's not clear to me how much of my savings was from the lighter shingles, better venting, or polaralum. That said I think the savings go beyond monthly energy bills - AC units will last longer if they don't have to run as much, and when I finally do replace my ACs I may be able to size down to a smaller unit and still get great cooling.